ULTRA X - 2 Day

 2 Days of Racing   /   145km Cycling   /  31km Running  /  2 Nights Accom

The ULTRA X is a 2 day multi-stage challenge within the legendary Drakensberg Mountains. This ‘Xtreme multisport challenge will push triathletes to endure some of SA’s toughest winter conditions in the most beautiful area of Southern Africa. The challenge takes athletes on a journey from the highlands of the impressive Freestate province down the Oliviershoek Pass in the Northern Berg into the heart of one SA’s World Heritage sites, the Central Drakensberg.

This event is a fully inclusive challenge, where athletes will be presented with 3 days of high endurance racing, 2 nights full board accommodation, loaded goodie bag with race apparel as well as fully equipped water tables and feeding stations along the race routes. Athletes will be looked after at the exclusive and beautiful Champagne Sports Resort. All meals will be provided for all athletes. The event is open to families and the kids, with is being in some of the school holidays. A seconder is also required especially for the start of day 1 in the Freestate Province. Evening briefings will prepare the athletes to the next days challenges, giving them insight into the profiles, challenges and courses that lie ahead, as well as building up comradery and sharing war stories.

The event is exclusively limited to 200 competitors in year 1, giving each athlete a personal and intimate connection with this exclusive event.


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